About me – Depression

Hey everyone,

I know, I know I haven’t posted all week but there has been a reason and I’m afraid won’t be around much in the next few weeks either.

As some of you may know, I was in a car accident last year and since then I have been suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which has led to me suffering from depression.

I thought I had a hold of it and was trying to get on with my life as best I could, however last week I had a little set back, for no real reason and have been signed off work for a bit.

There are many causes of PTSD and depression and for me it is really hard to deal with as I am usually quite an out-going, lively and bubbly person, but at the moment I am far from the person I once was. I am trying to use this time to re-evaluate life and what is important to me, one of which I definitely feel is this blog, but I am finding it hard to concentrate on to many things and at this point in time, my marriage is most important and I need to work on this and what I want for us.

If you feel like watching a video on seeing how this affects me day-to-day, there is a good one on youtube called The Black Dog of Depression which was done by the World Health Organisation. My Counsellor made me watch this and it describes my feelings perfectly.

If you feel that you can relate to this in any way, please seek help and don’t be afraid to talk to someone as you don’t and won’t feel like this forever.

Hopefully, I shall be back working on my blog soon.

Take care everyone

Ellie x


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