Liebster award!

Hey guys!,

Today I received the Liebester award from the lovely Liannabell, my first ever nomination!! And I reached 10 followers on bloglovin, which doesn’t seem a lot compared to some blogs, but to me just to have one follower is a massive achievement.

I thought I would do the post straight away while it’s on my mind otherwise I may forget!!

So taking what Liannabell states on her wonderful blog, I need to write 11 random facts about myself then answer the 11 questions that she gave me and then nominate 11 other bloggers to answer 11 new questions of my choice! How exciting!

So here goes…

11 Random Facts about me:

1. I am 30 in June

2. I have a big thing for Heston Blummenthal – possibly the weirdest fact ever!

3. I love shoes and handbags!

4. I am a shopaholic

5. I was in a serious car accident in November last year

6. I am 5ft exactly

7. I will have been married for 5 years in September

8. I work for a local hospice as a fundraiser which I absolutely love

9. I love to travel

10. I am loving the colour lime green at the moment

11. I drive a VW beetle

11 Answers to my given questions:

1. What is your favourite thing about blogging

I would say joining an elite community of such lovely people and being able to express myself to all of you

2. What is my favourite fashion accessory

Handbags – as my sister says you can be any shape or size and still wear any handbag!

3. What is one makeup tip everyone should know?

Don’t be afraid to try something different – at the end of the day if you don’t like it you can wipe it away!

4. Who is your fashion icon and why?

This question is difficult as I don’t really have a style and try to change it up as much as I can, so I don’t follow any particular one person – but I suppose I would say I admire Marilyn Monroe for body confidence and beauty

5. What is the one trend that you never understood or thought was just wrong?

Difficult as there are quite a few and most of them belong to the 80’s but if I could say one it would shell suits! And yes i did have one when I was about 5!

6. If you were stranded on a desert island what 5 items would you take?

My macbook pro, my camera, the internet, sun cream and … um… last one is difficult…a lifetime supply of chocolate!

7. What are your 5 everyday non-makeup essentials?

Ibuprofen, my phone, my mulberry handbag, flavoured water, antibac hand stuff!

8. What is your favourite make-up brand

Ooh this is tricky!! I think for value is MUA from Superdrug. I use it everyday but If I had all the money in the world it would probably by Chanel!

9. Who is your celebrity crush?

Ryan Gosling, especially in Crazy, Stupid, Love!

10. What is your favourite non-beauty item?

Peanut butter chocolate bars!!

11. What advice would you have for new bloggers?

I am still fairly new myself, so don’t really feel in a place to be giving advice, however if you are thinking about it, just go for it, make sure you try and post regularly and just make your blog your own and find inspiration in everyday life.

So there you have it, a bit about me! However, I will still be writing an All About Me post soon!

Right, now to think of 11 questions for my 11 nominees to answer:

1. Which blogger inspires you the most?

2. Where is your favourite place in the whole world?

3. What is your favourite smell?

4. What is your favourite film of all time?

5. Where would you most like to visit?

6. And who would you most like to meet?

7. If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

8. What was the worst job you every had?

9. Which kitchen essential could you not live without?

10. Which do you prefer a shower or bath?

11. Would you rather live in a city or in the country?

Boy that was hard tried not to make them all what is your favourite… but there are still a few, oops!

Now for the nominees:

1. Samloves

2. Rosalilium

3. xameliax

4. lilmisschickas

5. icovetthee

6. Birmingham Student Foodie

7. Emily Jayne

8. bckbld

9. Pollyscoffs

10. Cassiefairy

11. Victoria Chapman

Please check out all these lovely bloggers, as they are fab!

I can’t wait to read all of their answers!

Hope you all a fab easter break and get to over indulge on scrummy chocolate


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