My first Haul Post!

Having recently started working away from my local town centre, shopping opportunities are few and far between, although from my bank balance you wouldn’t have guessed it! So when I ventured into the centre of Birmingham to have my hair done I seized the moment and did a mini shopping spree!

Originally, the plan was just to buy some make-up storage from Muji but I got carried away!

So lets get to it!

Muji – I have watched many beauty vids on youtube and envied their chic make-up storage so took myself off to my local store after watching icovetthee make-up storage video (one of the many I have watched recently). I decided just to purchase one of the Acrylic 5 draw storage units to get me started


I also brought a square bath pot for my make-up brushes, one has a feeling that one will not be enough! Whilst in there, I had a good wander as I can’t remember the last time I ventured in there and came across these fine stem cotton buds which are perfect to touch up nail polish accidents as they are really thin and dainty, just like me (I can dream!)

Next stop was Primark! I went into pick up some thick socks to wear with my boots but as per you can’t just go in and come out with what you went in for!! It was still quite a small shop for me, resisting the temptation to buy another handbag I came away with the following

Primark shop

I fell in love with this lovely make-up bag, not that I needed another one, but it has a really cute red telephone box design on

Make-up bag

The rest of the items were little bits that I picked up that weren’t really necessary but thought I would give a go – a volumising mascara for only £1, which I tried twice and really loved but then I got an eye infection so i’ve stopped using it, not sure whether it caused my infection or whether it was just a coincidence, so I will give it another go and let you know. Next, was a mirror to pop into my handbag as I don’t have one, some false nails – which I haven’t used yet but they looked really cool and again were only £1 and lastly was a double ended eyeshadow brush. Now, I usually use the real techniques brushes but only have one of each so sometimes find that I need a spare for blending and again being primark it was only like £1 so will see how it compares!

In the winter I wear my pj’s quite a lot and don’t acutally own that many sets and it is the first thing I put on when I get home from work so I thought I would peruse their nightwear section and came away with these

Pj's, socks and a little treat!

The trousers are a lovely silky material with a cropped bottom which is great as I am only 5″ and find that a lot of their pj bottoms are really long, they also have an elasticated bottom so they stay in place rather than roll up my leg! To go with them I brought a plain loose black t-shirt from the normal clothing section as they didnt have any tops that I liked in the nightwear section. I thought the pattern on the bottoms was really pretty and slightly spring like, I can but hope and they will be perfect for when the weather starts to warm up.

I also got what I went in for, a couple of pairs of thick socks. I wear these a lot and most of mine are christmas themed or have holes in, so these were a much needed purchase. As a special treat, I brought a packet of malteser bunnies as they were staring at me whilst I was in the very long queue waiting to pay. I had forgotten about these so may indulge later!

Boots was next on my list. I always end up spending way more than intended in Boots and feel like a kid in a sweetie store, but managed to come away without any make-up products. However, beauty didnt escape all together.

Boots haul

I have been looking for a new night cream for a while, and as I am approaching thirty, was looking for one that will start to work on an ageing that may occur! I have heard lots of good things about the soap and glory products in general so decided to go for one of their creams as they were on offer. It broght the Wish upon a Jar Night Cream, with EPA antioxidants, super-youth P3000 Peptides Complex & Energinseng oxygen booster. Sounds fancy! It’s quite space agey looking, but smells nice, almost like vanilla ice-cream.  I am yet to give this a go, but hopefully it wil appear in my first monthly favourites post in March!

I came across my next purchase, I think on a youtube video, but I can’t for the life of my remember which one, and happened to spot it in boots. It is the Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot cream, a targeted spot cream containing hyaluronic acid. I have normal to combination skin and often get those typical hormonal breakouts and they tend to scar my skin. This product  is meant to help fight the spot and helps minimise any marks that go with them. I have tried a few times and I am not 100% sold on it but will persevere when my next breakout appears!

My final purchase from Boots is a new product from Schwarzkopf developed with Claudia Scheffer, Essence Ultimate hair products. A friend recommended this range to me and it was on offer so thought I would give it a go. I picked up th Diamond Colour Conditioner in this range as I had already purchased both the shampoo and conditioner before and I always use the conditioner up before the shampoo and as it is £4.99 full price I thought I would grab it whilst I can.  I don’t know whether I rate it as a product that really works for my hair, but it smells divine so I couldn’t help buying it. I may try one of the other hair types in this range if it goes on offer again, but I would be reluctant to pay full price.

I can never resist having a sneeky look at the MUA products in Superdrug which is always a bad idea, as I always come away with something! This time I purchased another palette, I now own 4 from this range (a bit excessive, I know, but for the price I can’t help it!). This one is their Smokin Palette and contains various shades from Matte to Shimmery. I love the MUA range for its price and the pigment of the eye shadows.

Superdrug buys

I may do a MUA Palette review soon!

A bonus product with this purchase was a MUA Colour Blast Eyeshadow tint with purchases over £6. I went for the shade ‘A Girl Like Me’. I think my one has been mislabelled as the one on the website is a smokey grey and mine is like a pale nude, gold colour, more like the colour ‘Stay’ on the website. Again, I haven’t had chance to try this one out but looks like it will be a lovely base colour.

My last purchase from Superdrug was the B Pure Micellar Water. I saw this at the till and as it was on offer, I thought I would give it a go. I am currently using the much loved by bloggers and youtubers alike, Bioderma Micelle solution for Combination skin.  The B Pure product was a fraction of the price of the Bioderma, and as I am fast running out and will need to re-order soon, I jumped at the chance to try something new. It is similar concept to bioderma and alot of high street brands are coming up with there own Micellar water products. I love the feeling that the bioderma leaves on my skin – we shall see how this compares.

My final purchase, and probably my most impulsive yet, was this lovely blouse from Dorothy Perkins

Butterfly blouseNow I rarely buy full price dorothy perkins clothes as I find their sales are really good, but I could not resist this once it caught my eye. The colours ae beautiful, and has a lovely butterfly pattern, perfect for spring. Being full price, I will have to ensure I get the wear out of it to justify this purchase, but I can’t wait to wear it with black skinny jeans and my Tanya Burr Penguin Chic nail varnish which I think will set it off perfectly!

Well, that was one long post, I hadn’t realised  how much I had brought on my shopping trip! May have to put any future shopping plans on hold for a while!

I am now going to indulge in one or two of my malteaser bunnies! See you next time!

Ellie x


February Glossybox!

I was planning on doing a haul for you guys as I did a bit of shopping at the weekend, but when I got home last night my February Glossybox had arrived! I get so excited every month when it arrives and I wanted to share with you what was inside this months edition.

Front of the February Glossybox - Valentines themed!

Front of the February Glossybox – Valentines themed!

The box was very valentines themed both inside and out – just a shame that I didn’t get it until the 20th February! Now for the best bit – the goodies inside!

Glossybox 2Glossybox 3

6 lovely treats awaited me, including some fancy chocolate! Yummy! I was really pleased to see the new Maybelline Big Eyes mascara as I have been wanted to try this baby out after seeing other beauty bloggers and youtubers review it. So keep your eyes posted for my own review soon – once I get rid of this damn eye infection!

Next up was a lovely bottle of Ciate nail polish in pocket money – what I love about Glossybox is I get to try new brands, as I am yet to discover Ciate so this is my chance! On their website it is described as “The ultimate in understated luxury, this creamy fudge nude is a sweet treat for fingers and the perfect girly indulgence. Break open your piggy bank and splash out on some me time” – I would probably describe it as a dusky, antique pink colour, but then they are the experts!

Another brand I have yet to try is Nougat and I am now in possession of a lovely bottle of Sparkling Body Shimmer in Cherry Blossom – it smells divine, quite perfumey! It is described in the Glossybox magazine as “a light mosturising body gel…containing light reflecting particles to leave the skin looking radiant” I am already loving it and I have only tried it out on my hand – it is not too shimmery so you don’t look like you’ve been dipped in glitter, it is very subtle

I love wearing false eyelashes when I go out, so to receive a new pack to try gives me a perfect excuse to go out on the town! These are from Eldora and are number B162 and are quite natural, dark lashes – I will give them a whirl and let you know how ‘natural’ they are (

Finally, the last beauty sample in my box was a set of 3 haircare product sachets from Giovanni Eco Chic, Ultra Moist range which includes a shampoo, conditioner and deep dee moisture hair mask. This is a brand I haven’t heard from – but the Ultra Moist range is specifically for dry and damaged hair and having recently coloured my hair it is quite dry so I shall give this a go – it contains Avocado (yum!) and Olive oil so should smell nice and hopefully make my hair feel lovely and soft (

I will review the products as and when I use them and let you know my detailed thoughts! First thing to try out of the box is the lovely bar of Lindt Lindor chocolate! Delicious x

Ellie x

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails Review!

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I wanted my first blog post to be amazing, so why not write it about the person who inspired me to write a blog – Miss Tanya Burr and her launch of Tanya Burr Lips and Nails!

I ordered my products on launch day and only received them on Friday – 2 whole weeks worth of wait – but boy are they worth it!

I picked 3 lip glosses and 3 nails varnishes, resisting the temptation to order all of them at once – but my aim is to have all of them in my make-up collection very soon!

Tanya burr lips and nails

Lip shades – (L to R) – Aurora, Vampire Kiss, Afternoon Tea

Nail shades – (L to R) Bright and Early, Riding Hood, Penguin chic

To pick on the shades I have used so far Vampire Kiss and Riding Hood.

Tanya Burr Riding Hood nails

The Riding Hood nail colour is a lovely deep red and was perfect choice for valentine’s day. Time will tell in terms of lasting strength but it went on nicely, did need two coats but I find this with all nail polishes. The brush was a bit thin for my liking as I much prefer a thicker brush so I can get the colour on in the least amount of time, but then I am inpatient!

Vampire Kiss Swatch

I have never really experimented with Red lips much before as they are quite scary and never thought they would suit me. Well, Vampire Kiss is perfect way to start as you can wear it fairly light on the lips or layer it up to be a bit more striking, I have fallen in love!  This lip gloss has staying power too – after this swatch I had to scrub it off my hand!

I can’ wait to try out the other colours, and will review these when I do.

Ellie x